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12 Executives

3 Hours

Choice of 3 Roundtables

Invitation Only

What to Expect at the Roundtable

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Customers have taken the reins and they aren’t looking back. A transformation has occurred from a Product based economy to an Experience Economy. No longer is having a great product enough for customer retention & loyalty. With this shift comes a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Your customers are wanting a smooth and tailored experience but for many companies this is being blocked by departmental and company silos. Silos that very often lead to miscommunication with customers, leading to lost opportunities and an experience that is anything but smooth for the ever-demanding customer.

Achieving a 360 view of the customer is crucial! But for this to occur companies need to identify the barriers to simple, effective experiences.

The Customer Excellence Roundtable Series is positioned to bring together a group of Senior Executives to work through the key challenges of this critical topic.

Key Questions to be Discussed:

  • Understanding the new goalposts: In a digital and physical age, what now constitutes a cutting-edge customer experience?
  • Current positioning: Where are you on the journey to identifying your biggest barriers to a smooth and simple customer experience?
  • Building a business case: How can you continue to demonstrate the ROI of CX investments?

Join us to get the answers to these questions and many more! We are taking this Executive Roundtable Series across North America and Europe, see below for the nearest Roundtable to you!

Choose Your Roundtable


CHICAGO - November 19th

Venue: the Albert Chicago 

InMoment_New York

NEW YORK - November 21st

Venue: The Modern


LONDON - November 26th

Venue: M Threadneedle St

Join the intimate conversation tackle your major challenges

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Why Invest your Time?

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The best of the best

Our Roundtables are invitation-only meaning that you only meet with your most senior peers. 

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Learn & Share

Our facilitated discussion format enables you to hear from experts on the hottest topics, as well as share your own innovation stories. 

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Time well spent

We know that time out of the office is valuable, which is why our roundtables are just 3 hours long with networking & discussions packed in. 

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Sit back and enjoy

Whether it's a breakfast, lunch or dinner, our roundtables include fine dining and drinks in a private and intimate setting.

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Best of all, in order to best bring together the brightest minds, our roundtables are completely free-of-charge to attend.

Learn More About the Round Table Format

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Practical takeaways

Our roundtables are designed to ensure you go home with practical solutions to your biggest problems.

What people are saying

  • "The CDAO Roundtable, Boston, and others like it, accomplish the hugely important goal of providing an open and professional platform for industry peers to share experience and guidance on the emergence of enterprise data science. In 90 minutes, professionals from publishing, education, health, and financial services with varying backgrounds held a very productive discussion on common challenges and opportunities, including strategies to monetize enterprise and third-party data, where to find and how to grow the best talent sources, and data model governance. Excellent way to send a few hours...”

    Michael Versace, Digital Strategy, Global Research, IDC

Apply to Attend

Our Roundtables are strictly invitation-only. Please apply to attend, and your application will be reviewed.
We aim to reply to your application within 2 business days.
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